Letter to Timothy Sloan, CEO of Wells Fargo. In Solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Timothy J. Sloan’s personal email — if you can I encourage all readers to divest from Wells Fargo as well as the other 16 banks who are actively encouraging profiteering over the rights of the citizen.

I am sharing this if you perhaps need a template of what to say.

Dear Mr. Sloan,

I am sure I will not receive a personal response from you but ever since President Trump’s decision this morning to reinstate the DAPL pipeline which is in DIRECT violation of the Native People’s Sacred Land Rights I will be divesting form your institution as well as encouraging friends and neighbors to act in solidarity with those directly affected by this current administration.

With Rex Tillerson’s confirmation as Sec. of State we have officially legalized profiteering over the needs of the citizen. You, by your investment in this pipeline, as well as other acts of profiteering are enriching yourself on the backs on the working poor. Which I am one.

I hope you have a conversion experience in which you can see how your actions are affecting not only your fellow citizens but also individuals around the world. The same prayer I pray daily for Trump I will pray for you as well.

Until you prove otherwise I will actively fight against this bank and all other 16 banks who are literary killing the planet.

In solidarity with this Standing Rock Sioux Tribe,


“The sole purpose of life to serve humanity.”

Leo Tolstory

If you need more pointed questions you can ask:

“Ask these banks to clarify whether funds they are providing are being used, in any amount, to pay for the heavily militarized response to the Standing Rock Sioux, including the attack dogs, sound-cannon trucks, heavily armed officers.”

“People should also ask these institutions why they are sinking so much money into maximizing the amounts of oil and gas that can be brought to the surface and burned at a time when climate science is clear we have to maximize what we keep in the ground instead.”

In love and Grace,

Christopher Wilkins

Writer, Community Organizer, Filmmaker, & lover of ideas. I live in Dallas, TX and I would love to meet you.